Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Arutz Sheva - Israeli Arab Caught Spying For Iran

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News: " Defense/Security

Israeli Arab Caught Spying For Iran
16:22 Dec 07, '04 / 24 Kislev 5765

It was released for publication today that an Arab citizen of Israel, from the village of Baka Al-Gharbia, was arrested last month for spying on behalf of Iran.

Muhammad Ali Ahmed Sayid Ghanem was arrested on suspicion that he was recruited by Iranian intelligence during a trip to Saudi Arabia. During the visit, Ghanem met Iranian intelligence agents with whom he has been in touch ever since.

According to Voice of Israel radio, 57-year-old Ghanem received a number of assignments he was supposed to carry out in Israel on behalf of Iranian intelligence. According to Israeli police, Ghanem did not succeed in carrying out most of the assignments.

The Israeli-Arab spy was arrested on November 9 on suspicion of aiding an enemy state during wartime and having contacts with a foreign agent. He has been under interrogation since then and an indictment is scheduled to be filed today based on Ghanem’s confession, as well as evidence gathered during the investigation."