Saturday, December 18, 2004

Voice of Iran: Terrorists rally in Brussels for People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran

Voice of Iran: "Simultaneous with EU Council of Minister's meeting, 20,000 Iranians strongly condemn shameful terrorist label against Mojahedin before EU Headquarters in Brussels

Hundreds of parliamentarians and political and cultural personalities from different European countries condemned EU for its move against Mojahedin in their speeches and messages

In their largest demonstration ever in Belgium, more than 20,000 Iranians strongly condemned inclusion of People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran in EU's list of terrorist organization before its Headquarters in Brussels.

Demonstrators coming from all over Europe to Brussels, expressed their full support for the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran and demanded European Union to apologize Iranian people and Resistance for its shameful and petit profit seeking move which is an affront to all Iranians.

They declared that EU's outrageous act, which is considered to be a green light for further crimes by mullahs' regime, would only strengthen the resolve of the Iranian people and Resistance to overthrow the clerical regime and establish freedom and popular rule in Iran.

Hundreds of parliamentarians, distinguished political and social personalities from all over Europe, expressed their firm support for the Mojahedin and Iranian Resistance at the demonstration with their presence or in their speeches and written and video messages. They called for removal of Mojahedin Organization from EU's terrorist list.
Mr. Jef Valkeniers, member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament, and Senator Nelly Maes from Belgium, Mr. Joachim Tappe , senior member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federal Parliament of Germany, Lord Corbett and Lord Clarke from British House of Lords, Messrs. Win Griffiths and Stephen McCabe from the British House of Commons, Mr. Willy Bourg from Parliament of Luxembourg, Mmes. Inger Schörling and Louisa Morgantini, members of the European Parliament, were among dignitaries who addressed Iranians today in Schuman Square and denounced EU's terrorist label against the Mojahedin.

Among the many political and cultural personalities and European and Arab human rights organizations and associations who addressed Iranians' demonstration in Brussels, were Mr. Antonio Estango, representing the Italian Branch of the New Borders Association, Mr. Yves Bonnet, former member of the French National Assembly, Ms. Anki Elken, President of Women's Cooperation Foundation of Sweden, Mr. Pierre Bercis, chairman of the French New Human Rights Association, Bishop Gaillot, a renowned French personality, Mrs. Elizabeth Sidney, chairwoman of the Network of Liberal Women-Britain, Mr. Jean-Jacques Kirkyacharian, from Movement Against Racism and for Friendship Among Peoples, Professor Davina Miller, head of the City Council of Bradford, England, and Dr. Fowzieh Mehran, Egyptian writer and researcher.

Hundreds of political, professional and refugee organizations and associations from across Europe sent their representatives and messages of solidarity to the demonstration and expressed their outrage over the European Union's shameful measure against the Mojahedin.

Dr. Saleh Rajavi, Dr. Manouchehr Hezarkhani, Mr. Mohammad Moslem Eskandar Filabi, Mr. Bijan Sam'e, Dr. Karim Qassim, chairmen of various NCR committees, as well as Mrs. Fariba Hashtroudi and Messrs. Asghar Adibi and Esmail Yaghmaii, members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and a number of mothers who had lost their children in the executions by the clerical regime in Iran, also addressed the demonstration.
On the fringes of this demonstration, crimes by clerical regime were displayed in street theaters and scenes of public flogging and humiliation of young people in Iran were shown on video tapes.

In the end, a resolution by the demonstrators stated: "Inclusion of Mojahedin Organization in EU's list of terrorist organizations, is a green light to the religious fascism ruling Iran to further suppress, torture, execute, terrorize and launch missiles against Iranian Resistance". By condemning trade agreement and EU's cooperation with mullahs' religious fascism, which is on the agenda for the Council of Ministers' meeting today, the resolution added: "People of Iran pay for every single one of these agreements and political and economical aides to ruling mullahs with more blood and hardship"."