Thursday, February 10, 2005

Gulf Daily News: Terrorists March in Berlin, Govt fails to Stop Them

Gulf Daily News: "Exiles rally for Iran reforms
BERLIN: Around 1,000 Iranian exiles from Europe marched in Berlin yesterday, urging democratic change in Iran on the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

A German court lifted a ban imposed earlier by Berlin authorities, freeing the exiles to march towards the Brandenburg Gate in central Berlin, a police spokeswoman said.

Earlier, a spokeswoman in Berlin's interior ministry had said the demonstration posed a threat to public security and was an action on behalf of the exiled opposition People's Mujahideen Organisation, branded a terrorist group by the United States and European Union.

The rally was transferred to Berlin at short notice after French authorities refused to allow it to take place in Paris.

"We think it is time for the world to take a decisive stance against the regime in Iran," said Ali Safavi of the Mujahideen's political wing, the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

He said the group opposed foreign military intervention in Iran but was also against what he called a European policy of "appeasement".

President George W Bush said last month he had not ruled out military options against Iran's nuclear programme, which Washington says is designed to build an atomic bomb. Tehran denies this and says it is solely for generating electricity."