Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Chechnya’s Maskhadov Killed

Iran Daily "Chechnya’s Maskhadov Killed

MOSCOW, March 8--Chechen separatist leader Aslan Maskhadov, one of Russia’s most wanted men, has been killed in Chechnya, Russian news agencies reported Tuesday quoting Russian federal forces in the northern Caucasus.
“I confirm that Maskhadov was killed in the village of Tolstoi-Yurt,“ General Ilya Shabalkin, spokesman for the headquarters of Russian troops deployed in the region, was quoted by several Russian news agencies as saying.
Shabalkin said there was fighting in the area at the time and said Maskhadov, the president of separatist forces opposed to Russian rule in Chechnya, was hiding in a bunker under a building in the village of Tolstoi-Yurt when he was killed.
Shabalkin added that Maskhadov’s body had been identified but the Russian news agencies said he had provided no further details on the circumstances of the death.
Maskhadov has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks against Russian forces in the region and has been blamed by Russia for involvement in other attacks on non-military targets, including the Beslan school hostage massacre last September and a mass hostage-taking at a Moscow theater in 2002."