Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Int’l Bodies Urged To Help Ex-MKO Members Return

Iran Daily: "Int’l Bodies Urged To Help Ex-MKO Members Return

March 8--Former members of the terrorist Mujahideen Khalq Organization called on international organizations to help repatriate their friends from Camp Ashraf in Iraq.
Mohammad Nour, one of the former MKO members, who has returned home from Iraq called on human rights organizations to help those being kept in the camp return home, IRNA reported.
He added that many of those being kept by the MKO had gone abroad to find jobs or for education, but they fell into the MKO trap.
“Those being kept in the MKO camp are exposed to hard labor without getting any remuneration. They are not allowed to leave the camp and return to Iran under the pretext that they will be put to death as soon as they reach home,“ he said.
Some 19 members of the MKO from Sistan-Baluchestan province arrived in Zahedan on Tuesday and were welcomed by their families.
Meanwhile, some 276 penitent MKO members, who returned home after escaping from the camp in Iraq, have been united so far with their families, the head of Salvation Society, Ali Asghari, said on Monday.
Speaking at a ceremony in Tabriz on the return of eight ex-MKO members, Asghari added that most of them had left Iran in the hope of finding jobs, but they were trapped by MKO agents and later taken to its Ashraf camp in Iraq."