Sunday, May 29, 2005

Behzad Nabavi Supports Regime Change in Iran ||

You say you want a revolution || "Calls from inside Iran have been strengthening for months. In an article in the 25 April issue, Le Monde, a French newspaper, said that the Iranian leadership are apprehensive of the "fierce pro-Americanism" of the Iranian people, adding, "They are especially worried of the vox populi, that asks for a change of the regime with the help of the American Marines." It is reporting that many Iranians openly proclaim their support for American intervention. A filmmaker, requesting to remain anonymous, bluntly stated, "The Afghans and the Iraqis have been freed from dictatorships, why not us?" Behzad Nabavi, the Majles Deputy-speaker and reformist, explains, "If one admits that the Iraqis are delighted with Saddam Hussein's end, one must also think about the possibility that maybe, the Iranians would celebrate at the end of the Islamic Republic as well." In an open letter to President Khatami asking for the release of fellow writers from prison, Ebrahim Nabavi wrote that he would prefer American occupation to the current government that consistently ignores the rights of the citizens.

On those calling for American intervention, Behzad Nabavi said, "It is obvious that it is the result of our mistake. The fact that people prefer a foreign invasion to living in the Islamic Republic is only the sign of our failure. We have not been able to fulfill the people's democratic aspirations and it is normal that they are disappointed.""