Thursday, September 29, 2005

Regime change in Iran: MKO had to pay students to Protest Ahmadinejad in New York

Regime change in Iran: "The trip to New York

I was par of a 60 people group flying from Los Angeles to NYC together on a red eye flight. Prior to the departure while getting a bite to eat with couple of friends, we ran into a group of college aged individuals who informed us that they were also attending the demonstrations in New York City. To my amazement out of 22 people in the MEK group,only 3 were Iranians. Further chatting with them revealed that they were paid $400.00 per person in addition to Hotel accommodations in Manhattan for three days, topped off by food allowance and site seeing tours in NYC. The Funny thing was that most of these kids did not know which organization has sponsored them although some had attended a previous demonstration in Washington DC.
The next day while demonstrating I noticed a tremendous number of non-Iranians demonstrating among the MEK group. Two Danish gentlemen approached me asking for a cloth Iranian Sun and the Lion flags since MEK had provided their group with a paper one. They too had been flown from Denmark all expenses paid!
Next I ran into Mr. Kenneth R. Timmerman notifying him of the situation. Mr. Timmerman carried his own investigation, took some picture and wrote this article: Outlawed Iranian opposition group rents demonstrators in New York; pro-monarchist groups call for Ahmadinejad arrest"