Sunday, March 20, 2005

DEBKAfile - Under Iraq War Shadow Sharon Fights for Strategic Foothold

If Israel were really behind the assassination of ex-Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri then it stands to reason that Israel must have strong reasons. Israel desperately needs to continue her water grab. This article gives clues as to what Israel stands to gain or lose in Lebanon. Ask yourself who gained with al-Hariri death and one name belongs at the top of the list. JBOC

DEBKAfile - Under Iraq War Shadow Sharon Fights for Strategic Foothold: "DEBKA-Net-Weekly (No. 76) first revealed on August 2 that Cairo West had been converted into the main logistic and jumping off base for US assault troops going into Iraq, while the Suez Canal (despite the Egyptian ruler’s public denials of Egypt’s involvement) is being used by American warships and aircraft carriers bound for the Persian Gulf and Red Sea as a crucial short cut from the Mediterranean.

Slapped down on the Arab nuclear issue, Sharon came up with a new one: He defined as a casus belli Lebanon’s project to tap the Hatsbani River by pumping water from its main tributary the Wazzani and diverting 15 percent of Israel’s water supply. The Hatsbani is fed additionally by subterranean springs near Ajar, the border village split between Israel and Lebanon. And a further complication: the Hizballah has posted armed guards at the Lebanese project on top of the thousands of missiles the Lebanese Shiite terrorists have positioned along the Lebanese-Israeli frontier – all pointed at northern Israel.

Washington, fearing an untimely conflagration, again asked Sharon to hold his horses, while a panel of American water experts hurried over to review the rights and wrongs of the situation and report to the US administration. Although Israel assigned its own water and intelligence experts, such as retired general Uri Shani, chairman of the Mekorot Water Company, to keeping the issue alive, the Bush administration’s efforts had until last week succeeded in muting the discord surrounding this and other Middle East flashpoints."