Saturday, June 04, 2005

Iran Focus-News Licks The boots of their Terrorist Masters - THE MKO

Iran Focus-News: Just reading the headlines on Iran focus shows who is their master. Iran Focus-News Looks Like a Terrorist Front

"Iran political prisoners plan hunger strike against undemocratic elections
Iran university students call for boycott of elections
Students disrupt speech of Iran presidential candidate
Iran survey: 92 percent of voters to stay away from presidential polls
Iran's regime praying for presidential votes
State Department monitoring Iran elections
Iran's Ex-Leader Seeks Return in the Trappings of a Reformer
US unimpressed by enlargement of Iranian candidate list
Iran's Nobel laureate Ebadi says she won't be voting
Iran students protest presidential elections, set tyres alight
Washington 'deeply troubled' by Iran presidential process
EU laments disqualification of Iranian reformists, warns over nuke talks"