Monday, July 11, 2005

Ramesh Sepehrrad of the Reston Va. Area Key Terrorist Group Leader

Notes on Ramesh Sepehrrad: "Barry O'Connell's Opinion
Notes on Ramesh Sepehrrad
The - Intelligence officials say Sepehrrad is a major MEK organizer in Washington

Ramesh Sepehrrad of Vienna Virginia has been named as a Mossad mole inside of MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq) by Iran Didban. The article names Sepehrrad as the main conduit of information on Iran from Mossad to Alireza Jafarzadeh. From Mossad to Sepehrrad to Jafarzadeh to FoxNews or to the Zionist Cabal in the Pentagon. So when we hear the Iranian resistance speaking out about the myth of Iranian Nukes we may be listening to Mossad. JBOC

"Ramesh Sepehrad, who is based in the Washington DC area, was recruited by MOSSAD through her Jewish-American boy friend in early 1997.* An active lobbyist and fundraiser for the Mojahedin, Sepehrad apparently agreed to work for MOSSAD once she was assured the agency had a collaborative relationship with the Mojahedin. In other words Sepehrad’s spying activities would not necessarily harm the organisation.

Sepehrad has proved to be a key link in the MOSSAD-Mojahedin nexus in recent years. It is through her that Israeli agencies feed intelligence disinformation to Ali Reza Jaffarzadeh, which is in turn broadcast to the world via the FOX media network. Sepehrad also feeds disinformation to Hedayat Mostowfi and Ali Safavi, two long-standing MKO members who are key figures in the organisation’s propaganda activities. A frequent traveller to Israel, Sepehrad is now considered a veteran MOSSAD agent. Indeed she is known to have undertaken MOSSAD-inspired espionage operations that are wholly unconnected to the Mojahedin and Iran. Some of these revolve around spying on Arab feminist and pro-Palestinian forums in the United States. " SOUTHWEST ASIA Iranian News: - Ramesh Sepehrrad of Vienna Virginia named as a Mossad mole in Terrorist Group

Ramesh Sepehrrad was a contributor to former Congressman James Traficant. - Feature Articles 121

US Congressman Ney names Ramesh Sepehrrad as a terrorist organizer:
"Other sponsors of the event that have been identified in media reports as MEK front groups include the Iranian Society of South Florida, the Iranian-American Society of Texas, and the National Committee of Women for a Democratic Iran. Ramesh Sepehrrad spearheads the latter group. Intelligence officials say Sepehrrad is a major MEK organizer in Washington." Our - Opinion

The Role of Women in Iran’s New Popular Revolution by RAMESH SEPEHRRAD President, National Committee of Women for a Democratic Iran

Born 1960

Homeland Security Reprt 117, JANUARY 26, 2004
In just the past year, the FBI has broken up many MEK groups within the United States, including around Washington and Los Angeles. There are a total of 23 sponsors for the fundraising event. However, 17 of these so-called sponsors are tied directly to the MEK and do not have legal status to operate as a business or charity, according to Internal Revenue Service and state agency records.

The State Department says the MEK has a long history of making up organizations under false pretenses to appear to be legal. "[The MEK] has formed associated groups with benign names, such as the 'Association of Iranian Scholars and Professionals' and the 'Association of Iranian Women'," according to a 1994 State Department memo.

One of the sponsors of the fundraiser is the Association of Iranian Women USA. This organization has also been called the Association of Iranian Women, which is led by Behjat Dehghan. Intelligence officials have labeled Dehghan as a major MEK supporter in the U.S.

Other probable MEK-supporting group sponsors for the fundraiser include the Iranian Society of South Florida and the Iranian-American Society of Texas. Ramesh Sepehrrad leads the National Committee of Women for a Democratic Iran and is also a known MEK activist. Homeland Security Reprt 117, JANUARY 26, 2004"