Monday, July 25, 2005

The Observer | International | Santorum Supports Radical Criminals in Iran

The Observer | International | Iran militant is now hero of US right: "He is also on a hunger strike that has lasted more than a month and, according to some reports, left him near death. Ganji's case has been taken up enthusiastically by leading conservatives in America and followed almost daily in such right-wing media outlets as the New York Sun and the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal. Senator Rick Santorum, the leading 2008 presidential hopeful from the evangelical wing of the Republican Party, and several other senators have joined in demanding that Ganji should be released.

Some critics believe that Ganji's popularity has little to do with the merits of his case and much to do with pressuring Iran. Santorum has this year introduced legislation in the Senate that pushes for regime change in Iran. 'The bill also notes the futility of working with the Iranian government,' he said. The move is similar to those used to promote a policy of 'regime change' in Iraq. It would allow the US government to support foreign and domestic groups that are opposed to the Iranian government."